Edit and scriptwriter of Black Angels.  Directors Gilda Naumanen & Sarah H.T Olsson. Supported by SVT, SFI and Film i Skåne.

Edit/script of  Norwegian  The Arctic  Camels. By Karl-Emil Rikardsen and Knut Skoglund. Support by NRK/NFI.

Edit and post production manager of  TaikonDirectors Gellert Tamas and Lawen Mohtadi.  Supported by SVT and SFI.

Editing with Andreas Nordström and dramaturge of the news documentary Maktkampen. A film by Mari Forssblad and Mikael Eriksson, SVT.

Edit and post  manager of documentary  Blått Blod.

Director Oscar Hedin.          Supported by SVT and SFI.

Editing the documentary Behind The Swedish Model. Director Viktor Nordenskiöld Supported by SFI and SVT.

Edit and post producer of The Laserman.        

Director Gellert Tamas. Script Malcolm Dixelius. Supported by SVT.    

Edit/script/co-director of  The Horseman. Photo by Peter Gerdehag.

Supported by SVT and SFI

Editing, producer and post production manager of the documentary Gállok. Director and script Truls Anderssen. Supported by SVT and Filmpool Nord.

Editing documentary Nada's revolution. Director Claudia Lissboa.  Supported by SVT.

Editing/director/producer of  Women with Cows. Cinematographer Peter Gerdehag. Supported by SVT and SFI.

Edit and post producer of Das Jahrhundert Wrack for Terra-X  on ZDF. 

Producers Jens Monath and Martin Widman. (SVT)

Edit/post of  Imprisoned

Directors Gellert Tamas and Maria Magnusson. Supported by SVT.

Editing and original idea of the news documentary Jag vill bli statsminister. Producer Pontus Mattsson. Cinematographer Micke Eriksson, SVT. 

Edit/producer of  Touch the Music for Planete+

Director Lotta Hellman. Idea Ric Wasserman. Supported by SVT.

Assistant editing and post producer of Kaj Linna - Never Give UpDirector Mårten Barkvall. Producer Martin Widman. (SVT)

Co-editing of the english version of documentary  Sahara Prison 

Director Simon Stanford. Producer Martin Widman.

Editing, co-director of  The Horseman's last stand.

Photo by Peter Gerdehag. Supported by SVT and SFI.

Edit/script and co-director of the documentary Life and Death of a Farmer. Cinematographer Peter Gerdehag. Supported by SVT.

Edit/script/co-director of  The Cows in the Sunshine Valley. Cinematographer Peter Gerdehag. Supported by SVT and Region Halland.